Smart Home

Smart Home

Housing every system

The Smart Home is becoming a reality. We can now monitor and control our lighting, home security and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) appliance all from our smartphones and tablets – even remotely via the cloud. This is possible thanks to networks of base stations, connected sensors and actuators all around the house.

Smart Home Portfolio
Product Description Applications
SmartPulse™ Series of wireless sensors, actuators and base station devices enable an easy development of wireless sensor networks Security | Smart Home | Healthcare | Energy Monitoring
HomeKit Development Kit Dialog’s second generation development kit represents the first certified solution for the HomeKit Accessory Profile (HAP) 2.0, supporting all Bluetooth low energy profiles within Apple’s Smart Home platform. Home automation |  Smoke detectors |  Access control / Door locks |  Lighting control |  Temperature / Humidity monitoring |  HVAC control |  Consumer appliances

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